Yamana Lab. information

Research Topics

Technologies to extract valuable information from massive data, and infrastructures to manage them.

Research Policy

Based on the slogan “Aim for the No.1 technology!,” enjoy researching to improve our lives with external laboratories, including other universities, industries and national institutes.

・Past collaborative research organizations
産業技術総合研究所、国立情報学研究所,アクセラテクノロジ株式会社,富士通研究所,日本電気システムプラットフォーム研究所,Yahoo! JAPAN,FAST Search & Transfer,日本音楽著作権協会,角川書店,日本ユニシス

Research Groups

※Groups are restructured every year.

IUI Group Image Search/Image Processing/Image Recognition/Object Detection
NL Group Document Analysis/Blog Analysis/Twitter Analysis
DM Group Data Mining/Machine Learning
WEB Group Search Algorithms/Winny Analysis/Investigation of Search Engine
BIO Group Bio-informatics

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