For International Students

For applicants who want to advance to Master and Doctor course (Sep.2021/Apr.2022/Sep.2022/Apr.2023 entrance) at Yamana Lab.
** Sorry, we will not accept any research students because of fulfill number of master course students.

Our laboratory welcomes applications for admissions from highly qualified students, including the students with Monbukagakusho scholarship*, having knowledge about (or being interested in) massive-volume data analysis, such as:

Send the following information to Prof. YAMANA by e-mail for confirming both the resarch area and minimum qualification.

You also have to take an admission examination of graduate course of the department. Please see this page. Our lab welcomes applicants of master/doctor course students in International Graduate Program (English only).

* Please ask Embassy of Japan or Consulate General in your country for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Program. Note that you have to apply it by yourself. See more detail;